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    Albion Saddlermakers

    Albion is delighted to officially welcome Daniel to our sponsored riders team. As Daniel’s international dressage career has become increasingly successful, Albion has helped to maximise the comfort and performances of Daniel and his horses through the design, manufacturing and servicing of his technical competition saddles, KB bridles and accessories.




    As an International Team Rider, it’s important that Dan knows any products he uses with his horses are fully FEI compliant. The team at Bayford Hall Farm know that all NAF products are thoroughly tested and comply with the complex and constantly changing rules within Clean Sport. So we can be assured that everything we use in the extensive NAF range is safe and legal.


    NAF offers extensive support to equestrian sport and are very loyal to their customers: Dan is delighted to be working alongside NAF and using their fantastic range of products with his horses.




    As riders, when we’re caught up in the excitement of riding, we can sometimes forget about how powerful and sometimes unpredictable a horse can be so it’s vital that we all are very safety aware.

    Dan is delighted to be supported by uvex, who are committed exceptional protection 24/7. Every uvex riding helmet offers a sophisticated design, high-quality finish, superior ventilation, and, of course, unbeatable safety.

    uvex also produce exceptional high quality gloves and sports sun glasses to complete the perfect look for training or competing.



    Baileys Horse Feeds

    The Best for your Horse

    Family owned and run, Baileys offer a comprehensive range of feeds, based on the latest scientific research and manufacturing techniques, using locally sourced, quality ingredients. As horse owners ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by the horse owner and offer free, comprehensive advice from our team of top nutritionists.



    Neue Schule

    Neue Schule offers an exciting and innovate range of high performance, superior comfort bits for all equines, covering all disciplines, at every level from pleasure to Grand Prix. Neue Schule Bits are ergonomically designed for comfort using the latest in engineering and Computer Aided Design technology. This allows the range of bits to be sized in 1/4″ increments whilst preserving the anatomical integrity. The Salox Gold metal is unique, it is designed specifically to go in the horse’s mouth, to be warm, soft and have low bio-activity. All this leads to improved acceptance and communication between horse and rider.


    Neue Schule Bits


    Dan has always care passionately about the care of his horses, making them comfortable at all times is paramount. Which is why he is delighted to be supported by BedSoft and uses their BedSoft Bio not only for his horses, but also right across the livery yard at Bayford.

    BedSoft Bio is harvested in Essex and processed using a unique shredding and chopping machine.

    Our product then goes through a state of the art dust extraction process before we apply an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and insect repellent treatment. 

    Bedsoft uses a unique blend of oils including Eucalyptus citriodora which contains approximately 80% citronellal, an aldehyde that is strongly responsible for its aroma, antimicrobial properties and insect repellent capabilities. 

    Not only is our bedding bio-secure, but the nature of the treatment highly discourages bed eating. 



    BedSoft Bio


    Travelling competition horses is a challenge in many way, one of which is getting them to eat and take in moisture. HaySoft haylage covers both of these concerns meaning the horses travel well and arrive ready to complete with the best.

    HaySoft is a family owned business which was established over 30 years ago. The family have been farming in Essex for 5 generations and have a deep passion for all things agriculture. The land was originally grazed and farmed for combinable crops which then lead to the overall business diversification into the growing and processing of equine products. 

    At HaySoft, we believe in sustainability and low carbon impact by growing and sourcing local raw materials.

    All HaySoft products are manufactured in our state of the art processing plant based on our farm in Essex. 



    HaySoft Quality Haylage

    Hot Horse Shower

    Hot Horse Shower are very proud to be associated wth Daniel Sherriff. Dan’s horses are noted for their turnout both a home and in competition, notably winning the Hermes Prix d’Elegance at Vierzon CDI for best turnout in the whole field of horses and ponies.


    Keeping the horses in tip top condition is very important to Dan which is why he chose the Hot Horse Shower Spa system, so that they can be washed off with an instant, reliable, temperature controlled shower system which is easy and safe for anyone to use.



    Premier Equine

    Dan is a great advocate of Premier Equine’s products in particular the Combo Sports Boots. It was at a competition that he noticed the French riders bandaging right down to the hoof to keep the course sand out of the heel area, after a bit of research he found the Combo Boots which fulfilled the same purpose but were even better. Now Dan uses these boots every day with his horses as they offer great protection.


    Premier Equine stands for Innovation and Perfection whilst maintaining Tradition in all of their products, the team are all enthusiatic riders and are delighted to support Daniel Sherriff Dressage.



    Cavalleria Toscana at Four Seasons Equestrian

    Four Seasons Equestrian is a high-end equestrian clothing retailor representing the Italian designer Cavalleria Toscana here in the United Kingdom. Cavalleria Toscana have firmly established themselves at the forefront of equestrian fashion across the world.


    Cavalleria Toscana are known for their elegance, innovative designs and technical research into their garments for the rider and horse re-interpreting classic and traditional values with a fresh and contemporary eye.


    Cavalleria Toscana and Four Seasons Equestrian are delighted that Dan represents the Cavalleria Toscana brand here in the UK. We are both looking forward to working with Dan and supporting him in his undoubtedly successful career in dressage.



    Your Company or Brand Name

    If you would like to be represented by this International Grand Prix Rider too, then contact Dan.


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    Dan would like to acknowledge the following photographers for allowing him to reproduce their work on his website:

    Samantha Hudson, Paul Ruffle Charles Best: – whose work can be seen at www.charlesbest.co.uk Kevin Sparrow: – whose work can be seen at www.kevinsparrow.co.uk Chloe Bowman: – whose work can be seen at www.chloebowman.co.uk